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Increase Your Value to Customers With Open Content

As an LMS, assessment provider, publisher, or other technology organization, you can license Gooru’s technology to provide the open resources, collections, assessments, and courses in our catalog to your customers.

The Content Catalog

Gooru’s catalog contains K-12 content that is tagged to 17 metadata fields including grade level, subject, and standards.  The catalog consists of learning activities including resources, collections, assessments, and courses. Gooru allows you to provide this open content in an intuitive study player optimized for a study experience with analytics, a learning community, and smart recommendations. Teachers can easily search and find learning activities aligned to their local state standard using Gooru’s study player.

Ensuring Quality

We go to great lengths to ensure that the resources found on Gooru meet the high standards for what teachers want to provide to their students. Resources go through a multi-step review process before they're searchable. Collections and courses are designed and vetted by teacher content experts and implemented in classrooms with students across the nation. In addition, our team has identified and included the top publishers of open, online educational resources. We work to feature resources without aggressive ads and those that have greater educational value.

Distribution of the Catalog

4+ Million Resources

Resources in our catalog include digital content such as websites, videos, interactive games, and text documents. Resources cover K-12 and higher education subject areas including language arts, mathematics, social sciences, science, personal finance, technology & engineering, and the arts. 

Resources in the catalog come from educational publishers and the Gooru community.

15,000 Collections

Collections include sets of resources and questions, organized by an author/educator, addressing a standard, specific topic, or lesson.

Teachers can remix collections and customize them to meet the specific needs of their students.

250,000 Questions

Questions are available in 9 different formats including drag-and-drop, true/false, open response, multiple select, and multiple choice.

Teachers can use these questions when designing collections and assessments for their students.

5,000 Assessments

Assessments include curated sets of questions, designed for formative and summative assessment of student understanding. Assessments can be played in Gooru's study player to capture score and usage activity.

35+ Courses

Courses in the catalog are designed to facilitate personalized learning. Students can learn at their own pace within collections and assessments or across units as a whole. Courses leverage assessments to provide instant feedback and progress over time as well as collections to support flipped learning, blended learning, and recommendations for students to take ownership over their learning.

Complementary Catalog Features

Gooru’s catalog is enriched by integrating our Search, Suggest, Study Player, and Crosswalk features. These features are complementary with the catalog.


Thousands of collections and assessments as well as dozens of courses created and shared by educators are easily discovered  for personalized learning in every class. Gooru's search feature allows users to find specific content and topics by using a keyword search.


Gooru’s suggest feature enables users to find high-quality resources aligned to any standard across many state frameworks, as well as the CCSS, NGSS, and C3 Framework. Gooru supports 47 standards frameworks for English Language Arts and mathematics, as well as 19 standards frameworks for science.

Study Player

Play the catalog seamlessly within your application. Gooru’s study player has been designed to play all learning activities including courses, collections, assessments, and resources. Customize the study player to create a cohesive learning experience for your users.


Crosswalk in Gooru has been designed to simplify complexities in finding complementary standards and enables educators to identify equivalent standards across frameworks. Any education product can power its search tool with our crosswalk feature, enabling users to find standards-aligned content within its own system.

Interested in Gooru's Catalog?

 If you are interested in learning more about incorporating our catalog into your product or service, please email our Director of Partnerships, Paulette Donnellon, at paulette@gooru.org .

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